Monday, 10 November 2008

Scaramouche Night!!!

First of all I want to thank Rachel for her brilliant update -- particularly the 'stop thinking about the lights woman' which really will have to go down as one of the best lines of unspoken dialogue ever.

Rachel has now been a key member of the WWRY cast for 50 days, so it really is about time Andy and I popped back to see how she's getting along.
From all the reports so far, Rachel has been a runaway success in both roles (anyone surprised?) and as you all know we're having a special night this Saturday to see her play Scaramouche.

I'm doubly lucky this weekend as I'm bringing my wife and daughter and we're going to see 'Wicked' for the first time on Friday night. I've heard unanimously good reports so it had better be good!

OK Saturday -- at this moment we're not 100% sure of total numbers attending, but I know there are at least twenty fans going purely to see Rachel, including many who were there on opening night. Unfortunately Karen can't attend this time as she is starring in a show herself in Dublin that night, but the other three bloggers (myself, Andy & Rosie) will be present and correct.

As on opening night, Andy and I are planning to meet in front of the Dominion at about 6.30pm and given the current weather conditions, will most likely be invading the bar area very soon afterwards.
And of course it goes without saying that we'll be heading round to the stage door after the performance, so do feel free to join us.

We've already heard several very good reports of Rachel in the Scara role, and I for one am REALLY looking forward to it. See you all there!


So 54 days after our last unforgettable visit to the Dominion the Team Tucker gang will be back at the theatre to see Rachel take on the demanding role of Scaramouche.

Opening night was an amazing experience. I got to meet David - the brains behind the blog - and many of our fantastic readers, including fellow contributors Karen and Rosie. The show itself was even more incredible than I could have ever imagined and best of all I got to meet the girl we were all there to see, Rachel Tucker.

Saturday promises to be every bit as special and I can't wait. See you all there!


JesSophs said...

wow have a good time! i'm sure Rachel will be amazing! also i personally think Wicked is one of the best musicals out at the moment, it is breathe taking!! :)

Emma said...

aww you are all so lucky you get to see her again- i wanna go :(
o well, have fun anyways :D

ChrisH said...

Does anyone know if Rachel changes her accent for the Scaramouche role? Or does she use her regular Belfast accent?

Anonymous said...

good joob....visit

Anonymous said...

Hello, i was fortunate enough to see Rachel play the scara role on Saturday (17.1.09) and must say this is very much in my top performances now....Rachel has a very beautiful voice and my hairs stood on end at every powerful note.....brilliant job...i think a potential permanent Scaramouche would be fabulous!!!!

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