Friday, 7 November 2008

Latest Update From Rachel!!!!!

Hi there everyone! Sorry its taken me an age from my last blog but as i'm sure you know its been a mammoth month! So where do i start? Well lets start at the beginning of this week! AGGGHHHHHHHH! was exactly my feeling at 7.30 Monday night!

Thinking back at it now makes me laugh-pacing back stage, going over my lines even thinking "I DON'T KNOW THEM!" And no one but no one can help me now! So i eventually get out there and the first thing i think is "Why are the lights pink?. . . . . stop thinking about the lights woman!" then everything just goes in slow motion for rest of the show! But I relaxed and really got into it and now its Friday and i'm totally loving every minute of being on there. And which part do you prefer? I hear you cry-well cant really decide but Meat is a part very close to my heart and I'm very lucky to do it every night and get to call her my own-lets put it that way!

Now from one accomplishment to well. . . .not such a one! Guys if you don't know already-yes I am the West ends Weakest link!!! Its aired over Christmas sometime but blink and miss me-don't think that needs any more explaining, does it! But we had lots of laughs and the rest of the guys were great fun and really up for a laugh and Ann was actually quite nice to me!!! Maybe thats because i gave her a WWRY Singing tooth brush! he he he!

And very briefly Phantom 2 workshop, well not much can be revealed but what a week! I was very kindly asked to play the part of Meg Giry again and boy is she a different person from Phantom 1! I had beautiful songs to sing and worked with some of the world's most amazing directors and performers-Jack O'Brien (Hair Spray, The Full Monty-Broadway) and the gorgeous Sierra Boggess who is currently playing the Little Mermaid on Broadway at the moment and who is just AMAZING!!!! So all to be revealed next year! Well I'll sign off but I'm sure I'll see most of you on Saturday night i hear? Great! Look forward to then. Lots of love and huge thanks for all the support (esp this week guys) Thank you x Rachel x


MissiCharli said...

Thanks alot Rachel! You deserve alot of support and thanks for some of the news, i.e The Weakest Link!!!

Julie said...

Aw lovely blog! All sounds amazing

Emma said...

'stop thinking about the lights woman!'
Rachel's so nice that she keeps writing these blogs :)

Rosie said...

Thank you for the update Rachel! I am so so so excited to see you as Scaramouche next Saturday as i'm sure you're doing a brilliant job! X

helen said...

Aw, I love reading the blogs from Rachel-she sounds so happy! and once again she's being genuinely super, giving her proud supporters yet more reasons to champion her. Thanks ever so much, Rachel, it means loads that you take the trouble to write!!

Rosie-I'm also so excited about seeing Rachel play Scaramouche! And it'll be such fun to meet some members of Team Tucker! :) xoxo

Kristin Nicole said...

I can reveal that Sierra Boggess is leaving Mermaid in May. She was supposed to extend through the end of next summer, but opted to only go through the beginning of May.

Intttteresting, no? I only know all the Mermaid goss cause a cast member of the show I'm now running a site for is going in as Ursula in January!

But, I'd be willing to bet there's a workshop planned for next summer for PoTO2

jb said...

Your positive feedback is much appreciated and with a schedule like yours,thanks for finding the time.You're a gem.Opening night was tremendous !! Good luck with Scaramouche & have fun ! As I 'come in peace' from Jessie's blog,(!!) David,Andy,Karen & the crew are always welcoming-huge thanks-what a team you make!