Thursday, 18 September 2008

A Personal Message From Rachel !!!!!!!

Hi guys! WOW What a weekend! Just coming down from the biggest buzz since....Nancy! Some of you who were there (at both concerts) will know how electric the crowds were! It just got bigger and better as the show went on.

Naimh and myself had such a funny two days in Belfast - she makes me laugh! And to sing to our home crowd with an 80 piece orcastra - just an amazing feeling. To then go and rub shoulders with the likes of Idina Menzel, Elaine Paige and Ruthie Henshall - just a crazy, whirlwind, experience! They were ALL lovely not to mention extremely talented. And I must say how proud I am of Jessie -- she sang beautifully last night, from her solo. A stunning performance. Will always treasure the memories sitting side stage watching these people sing their hearts out-what a great feeling!

Thanks everyone who came along and enjoyed themselves this weekend. I know I certainly did!

Well now back to my day job......which I'm loving by the way! Have had a wicked time with the new cast and i open in 7 days OMG!!!!!!!! AGHHHHHHH. Very nervous and excited about the whole thing but mostly I just cant wait to start! I'll write soon I hope! Thanks everyone! x x x


MissiCharli said...

WOW. She seems like a lovely girl and being a Jessie fan aswell I love how she included about her in it. Lovely. Wish her all the luck in the world and I'm hopefully coming to see Rachel in October half-term! Excited or what! xxx

Anonymous said...

Another lovely input from the woman herself! Aren't we a lucky bunch.

All thanks to the David,Andy and Karen for setting the blog up, its the first thing i check every day!

Can't wait for opening night!

Ali xx

Andy said...

Thanks so much for the update Rachel.

I had a fantastic time at Hyde Park and can't wait to see you make your West End debut next week.

Rosie said...

OMG Just read Rachel's message... Loving her more!"

Rosie x

Emma said...

wow she seems so nice
i loooove when she writes :)
can't wait to see her!

jb said...

I come in peace & friendship from Buckleys Brigade!
Thanks as ever for your words Rachel,especially re. Jessie.What an incredible atmosphere,I'm still buzzing;an evening etched on the memory.You are gracious and kind,thanks for your precious time & mostly the friendship & support you offer Jessie.Tuckers & Buckers rocked the Park last night-immense respect:Yes,Jessie, 'the voice' utterly sublime in her solo and having fun with friends on stage...and this is only the start for you both ! looking forward to your opening night-can't wait-you'll be fab!!
all the very best.xx

Anonymous said...

wow thats just lovely of her to praise the other girls!!!

rachel, 3 words, guess what they are!!!!:))))))

jo said...

Thanks again rachel for the lovely updates, as i have said before it is so lovely that you have so much time for your fans, and make the time in your busy schedule to message everybody on the bog!! Having seen the photos and the video footage from the weekend, it looks as though you had a blast, and the performances were outstanding as usual!!! Good luck on opening night, i can't wait to come and see rock you in december.

Jo xx

David said...

I want to thank Rachel so much for her lovely message and at such an incredibly busy time in her career too. As always Rachel focuses on everyone else which is wonderful.
For me two of the most touching images of the weekend were Niamh & Rachel holding hands at the end of ALAHNM and Jessie & Rachel hugging during the Hyde Park performance. Says it all really.

KateR said...

Rachel, you seem like such a lovely, sweet person. It is so nice to see you do so well in your career- few people deserve it more.

holz said...

YEY ANOTHER MESSAGE FROM RACHEL!!! WOOOOOOOshe is soo lovely i would love to meet her! Hello rachel if you are reading this! am i the youngest team tucker member? im 11

Golden Anemone said...

Hey, what a lovely message from Rachel. How fabulous for you to get another personal contribution from her on the Blog. What a great girl she is. Thanks again for the pics and vids David and Andy!

Anne xx

Georgia said...

Heya, just wondering if Rachel will be in WWRY in Jan because i have persuaded my mum to take me for my bday, jan the 13th, or around then???

Andy said...

Yes she'll still be performing in January Georgia. She's signed a 1 year contract so you should be fine unless she's ill or on holiday.

Julie said...

What a lovely message! :D

helen said...

Oh my God!!! I'm without internet for a week as I was moving house, and look what a week the blog is having!!
Rachel is, as ever, exceeding expectations in being utterly delightful and deserving of the deepest admiration. What a superstar she is!!!
Rachel - you are a total gem!

Chris Worthing said...

Well,its not long now at all until the hopes and dreams will be finally fulfilled...I just wonder,after a year of WWRY,where she will go next.The world will be her oyster I think,as Im sure she will be a huge success in this production.Its just so great that Rachel keeps her feet firmly on the she cant believe any of this is REALLY happening to her..but its fully,fully deserved.Just get out there on opening night and give it your best girl,we are all rooting for you xx