Thursday, 18 September 2008

Improved Quality Proms Footage

When I uploaded the original Proms footage to You Tube I was getting ready to go to Hyde Park and therefore didn't have time to wait for a large file to finish processing.

However I have now uploaded a slightly better quality videos of both of Rachel's performances - you only really notice when you view full screen - and here they are:


David said...

Awww great -- thanks a lot for this Andy. Really brings back the magic of that evening. Seeing the judge's 'Cabaret' comments on that huge Proms screen was both breath-taking and sad, but anyone doubting our girl's huge talent just needs to watch this beautiful rendition of 'Maybe This Time'.
Not sure if anyone has ever said this before, but Rachel was robbed!!

Rosie said...

These are brilliant videos, thanks.
Absolutely loved Maybe This Time and thought ALAHNM was the best one EVER! Both girls sang beautifully!
Monday needs to hurry up now!

helen said...

There's something about Rachel when she sings - even if the quality of the footage is rubbish - that just draws you in, it's mesmerising and makes you forget troubles and worries, it puts the world at ease, it makes your heart beat faster (unless that's just me and I've got a serious medical problem ;-) )

...I don't know what it is - presence? talent?

All these terms - exceptional, outstanding, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (phew!) are thrown around too often (and yes, I have been watching Masterchef recently!) - so it seems that they're too understated to apply them to Rachel.

Maybe I should invest in a thesaurus so I can find a word to describe just how phenomenally good Rachel is.

Rosie said...

Helen, i totally agree!
Everytime i say Rachel is 'amazing' -- it just doesn't seem to be special enough.

I think i'll take a look in the thessauras as well!