Friday, 19 September 2008

A Few More Of My Hyde Park Photos


As I said before I didn't even look at my camera while Rachel was on stage. I just held it facing in her rough direction and kept clicking. I was therefore pleasantly surprised that I managed to get Rachel in almost every shot and at least a few were fairly decent.

Here are a few that didn't come out quite as well as the ones I've already posted or aren't great shots of Rachel because other performers - Niamh - were in the way but I thought I'd share them anyway.

The opening picture above came out pretty well, however it is only of Rachel's back. I got a little over excited when she walked onto the stage as it was the first time I'd ever seen her in the flesh and couldn't wait for her to turn around lol.

The next few came out fairly well but that sneaky minx Niamh is hogging the shot again lol. Feel free to use them on your site Anne as there are some decent shots of your girl.

I can't blame Niamh for the quality of the next three. Unfortunately shaky arm syndrome meant they came out a little blurred. I was a little annoyed that the one of her leaving the stage didn't come out that well. I was going to wait until she was closer to me but somebody nudged my arm and I took the shot early by mistake. Needless to say I beat him to a pulp. Well maybe not but I gave him a nasty look lol.

I blame John Barrowman for this last one. It was taken when all the performers came back on stage to wish Andrew happy birthday but JB was blocking my view of Rachel for almost the entire time, so when he did eventually move I rushed the shot.

I had originally planned to take some shots of other acts after Rachel and her group had performed. I didn't want to use my camera until they'd been on because I had visions of my battery dying as our girl walked on. Of course the revised schedule meant there was only one performance after them - Elaine Paige 'Memory' - which I must admit I saw nothing of because I was to busy checking out the pictures I'd taken of Rachel on my camera.


David said...

Nice one Andy! Some great shots there.
Can't say I blame you for not taking any more as the Elaine Paige song brings back a bad 'memory' for me. Something to do with a TV show I think.

Rosie said...

I was very impressed with that little play with words!
I spend way too much time on this site and no time at all PACKING.. which is kind of a neccessity at this point in life.

Golden Anemone said...

And from what I heard about Memory, Rachel has sung that way better than Elaine did that night too Andy ;) Thank you again for so generously sharing your photos, I'll put them on the fansite later. The photos of Hyde Park on the Blog are just fantastic!

Anne xx

jb said...

Yes ! I missed most of 'Memory' too ...checking out shots on my camera of Jessie & least we know where our priorities lie eh ?! hhaa.

(put kettle on David )!
p.s be past the yard arm soon anyway...!

David said...

No worries JB -- sorry I've no biscuits at the moment but you'll have a 'wee drop in your hand' I'm sure.