Sunday, 14 September 2008

A Night At The Proms!!!!!

OK everyone, well just in case you're up late -- I DID get into the Proms -- I DID get right to the front and I DID get not only Rachel's wonderful performance of 'Maybe This Time', but also the full performance of Rachel and Niamh's FANTASTIC duet -- all on video! Woo-hoo!

Got a few photos too, but there should be plenty more from the lovely Laura! We met up with Laura and her friend Rachel and they got some great pictures, so expect a flood of Proms stuff in the next 24 hours!

As with the Pride event, I'm doing a preliminary post tonight with the full story to follow tomorrow.

This time I brought my wife and daughter and we had an absolutely brilliant night! Rachel and Niamh were fantastic -- there's no other way to put it. To think how far these girls have come in such a short time is little short of mind-blowing. They performed tonight in front of 4500 people plus thousands more on TV and radio and their performances were absolutely inspirational. There was a full-on opera diva performing tonight and I'll be honest Rachel and Niamh were every bit as good.

The Team Tuckers will be glad to hear I made a point of NOT meeting Rachel tonight! I think if I'd announced that I met her AGAIN you'd all have torn me to pieces in a jealous frenzy.

More -- much much more -- tomorrow!

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