Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Proms -- The Full Story

Well here's my Proms story -- OK OK I KNOW you want the video footage, but it IS gonna happen -- just bear with me!

Yesterday morning I wasn't going to go -- I had no tickets and Laura had managed to get two for her and her friend, so I reckoned she would be more than capable of getting us material for the blog.

But then I read the article in the News Letter, and I thought -- what the heck I'll go for it.

So I gathered up my long-suffering wife and daughter and drove to Belfast City Hall. It didn't look good. There was a queue right round the outside of the building.

I asked a girl on duty about getting in without a ticket. She directed me to the main gate, where I explained our situation to another girl. She handed us three tickets. Just like that. WOW!!!

But it got better. There was a grassy area directly in front of the stage which nearly everyone seemed to be scare to stand on. We bagged a plum spot immediately and prepared to defend it to the death. But we didn't need to -- I'm more used to rock concerts and the Proms seemed to be some sort of a convention for the timid. Did I complain?

It was all very professionally run -- we were treated to the Ulster Orchestra, some corny jokes from compere Noel Thompson and a full-on Opera diva called Cara something. Sorry wasn't paying attention silly me.

There was then a twenty minute interval, during which Laura and her friend Rachel (no not that one!) came over to say hello. I tell you something -- Rachel's fans are the best people in the world. I asked my daughter on the way home who she had liked the best -- 'Laura and Rachel' she said. Bless.

The second half began with a couple of numbers from a girl and her violin and then suddenly Niamh was on stage, giving us a cracking rendition of 'On My Own.'

Sorry Niamhers I didn't have enough memory on my camera to get this for you but I really hope someone did as it was very very good.

Then suddenly Rachel was on stage in a beautiful black dress doing a breathtaking version of 'Maybe This Time.' You'll be able to judge for yourselves when I manage to upload it.

Noel did a quick interview with Rachel after the song. She was clearly nervous but in that usual endearing Rachel way. She was so sweet about her wee niece!

Then we had some more classical stuff before the big duet. Don't get me wrong -- the other acts were very impressive, particularly the wee boy of 12 making amazing noises with his trombone (though the highlight of his night was getting his photo taken with Laura and Rachel lol), but I think we all know who I was there to see.

So finally on came Rachel & Niamh again, to do 'As Long As He Needs Me' and I tell you this version just blew every single IDA rendition right off the stage. I LOVED it!

I'm really really glad we went -- it was a fantastic night and the weather was great for a change.

Rachel -- well what can I say -- every inch a true star. The Rachel show is going to run and run. CAN'T WAIT until opening night!!!!

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jo said...

sounds like you had an amazing time david!!! Glad to here you have got lots of pics and video footage to share with us all, as always you never let us fans down!!! Rachel looked absolutely wonderful in the few snaps i have seen, and i cant wait to watch her solo and her duet performances.

jo xx