Saturday, 13 September 2008

Confirmation of Rachel's Songs Tonight

Oohhh it's getting really exciting now!

I'm hoping that tomorrow we'll be able to replace this picture of Niamh and Rachel with one of them performing together at the Proms! (And that's exactly what I've done!)

This morning's Belfast News Letter has details of what Rachel and Niamh will be performing tonight.

Rachel will be treating us to another rendition of 'Maybe This Time', one of the songs she performed at Gay Pride last month and Niamh will be performing 'On My Own.' They'll also be doing a duet of 'As Long As He Needs Me.'

I love Rachel's comment here that she was 'back of the queue at the job centre'. As always our girl is far too modest.

Once again, if anyone can get any audio from the radio broadcast, which will be streamed online, please let us know. And needless to say any photos or footage from the Proms or tomorrow's Hyde Park event will definitely be featured on the blog with full credits. I've decided to go even though I don't have a ticket -- it's worth a try! Good luck everyone!


Northern Ireland's Nancys were back home yesterday as final preparations continued for their performance at Proms in the Park.
Bangor’s Niamh Perry and Rachel Tucker from Belfast won the hearts of millions of viewers with their appearances on the hit TV talent show I’d Do Anything.

The pair are gearing up to give Ulster audiences a treat as part of the free concert in the grounds of Belfast City Hall later tonight.

“I love to get back home,” Rachel said, “and this event is fantastic – it’s a chance to say hello and thanks to everyone who has supported us for the past few months.”

The Ulster show will be part of a nationwide celebration to mark the last night of the Proms, as Belfast plays its part in a series of concerts taking place in the Royal Albert Hall, Hyde Park, Glasgow and Swansea.

Niamh and Rachel will perform a duet of As Long As He Needs Me, the poignant elimination song from the TV series.

There will also be a solo rendition of On My Own from the hit musical Les Miserables from Niamh while Rachel will perform Maybe This Time from Cabaret.

Niamh said: “We weren’t allowed to pick the songs on the TV show, so this was a welcome change.”

Performing at Proms in the Park shows just how far the two have come since they first appeared on TV screens in March.

“The reason why we’re doing this is because of I’d Do Anything,” Niamh said.

“A year ago I was at school. I never thought I’d be performing at an event like this, it’s a privilege.”

Rachel added: “I was at the back of the queue in the Job Centre, so I’m delighted that we’re able to do such a fantastic concert.”

Also performing are traditional music group Altan, top soprano Cara O’Sullivan and 12-year-old trombonist Peter Moore – who won this year’s BBC Young Musician of the Year.

Proms in the Park, which is hosted by Noel Thompson, takes place at Belfast City Hall tonight from 6.30pm.

Complimentary tickets for the event have all been allocated. However, there may be returned or unused tickets, which will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis on the night.

The event will be broadcast live from 7.30pm on Radio Ulster and is available via the red button on BBC TV.


MissiCharli said...

What time are they on? Have they been on yet?

MissiCharli said...

WOW. She was amazing! More on later! YAY. xxx

Emilia Lucia said...

I just watched her...absolutely phenomenal! And she was (as per usual!) looking lovely :)

Wooo, go Rachel!x

And how sweet was the bit about her niece Kelly - Ann? Awwwh, hahah!:D

Anonymous said...

did anybody tape it? id love to see it one day