Saturday, 20 September 2008

Happy Birthday Andy!!!

Andy and I first met online on 27th May this year. I stumbled on a site called the Internet Forum, having done a google search for Rachel Tucker. I was very annoyed that Rachel had just been eliminated from IDA and wondered if anyone else felt the same.

Someone on this forum had the bizarre name of 'Gasattack'. He was vociferously defending Rachel against various small-minded and plain wrong posters. One of the moderators commented that 'gasattack is constantly on the attack in defence of Rachel.'

I knew immediately that I had found a kindred spirit.

Just four days later we set up the blog, and the rest is history.

I could praise the guy all day, but just to give a few examples -- without Andy, Rachel's BBC Breakfast interview would have been lost forever, he was the only person who managed to record Rachel and Niamh's BBC Proms performances from the TV and without him our gallery and video blogs simply wouldn't exist.

Andy is away today and may not read this until after opening night, but I just want to wish him a very very happy birthday (he's 21 again). It is an honour to know him -- he is the most helpful, agreeable and downright decent guy I have ever had the privledge to work with and I'm very much looking forward to meeting him at the Dominion.

Happy Birthday Andy!

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jo said...

awww thats such a sweet message david!! Happy birthday andy, i hope you have a brilliant time on monday, give rachel a huge cheer for us!!

jo xx

MissiCharli said...

Happy Birthday Andy! xxx

Katie said...

Aww happy birthday! Great present we've got waiting for us at the Dominion. Hope you've had a good day!

Anonymous said...



Rachel said...

Happy birthday Andy!
What a birthday treat to get to see the lovely Rachel on her opening night. hope you have a lovely day.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Andy! x