Saturday, 20 September 2008

Final Preparations

Just two days to go!

It's hard to believe that Rachel's opening night has almost arrived.

There are likely to be a few tumbleweeds blowing through the site in the next couple of days as all four bloggers will be en route to the Dominion.

Andy has already left home and won't be back until Tuesday night, I'm leaving tomorrow night and Karen and Rosie will be leaving home about an hour before the performance starts lol. How lucky are they?

Still I really can't complain -- I had only a 30 minute drive last week to the Proms.

Unfortunately for the Buckley Brigade, we've heard that Jessie won't be attending due to commitments back home, so you'll just have to content yourselves with watching Rachel give the performance of her life on the big stage. Sorry guys!

Andy and I are planning to meet in front of the Dominion between 6pm and 6.30 and if anyone else would like to be there, you're more than welcome.

I tend to get lost in my own back garden, so negotiating central London may well be a bit tricky. But I WILL be there!

To everyone who isn't going on Monday, don't worry -- your time will come and we may well give the evening a passing mention on the blog next week.

And to Rachel -- I don't even need to say this -- you will be stunning as always. Break a leg!

As a footnote and in response to Misscharli's recent comment -- I've had quite a few fans asking about Rachel's holidays so they can be sure of seeing her when they go. Rosie our West End expert has told me that the WWRY site publishes cast holiday details and I would presume will be doing the same for next year's touring dates. However Rachel will NOT be part of the touring production.


MissiCharli said...

Oh that's a shame about Jessie :( Katie thought she had a good chance there. Anyway, best of luck Rachel, you won't need it though! Will Rachel be doing the tour in 2009? If so what date does she start because I really want to see WWRY and Rachel plying Meat at the Birmingham Hippodrome.

David said...

Rachel is not scheduled to be part of the tour and will be based solely at the Dominion.
Probably just as well really as if the tour came to Belfast I'd have to put all you guys up in my spare room.

MissiCharli said...

:'( I don't know whether I'll go now.

jb said...

Rachel...if you're out there!!! ha.
we'll be doing all the' bravo's' and applauding on behalf of Jessie anyway!!!...Buckley Brigaders are really looking forward to the show...does the Dominion accept blog gatecrashers !!?
Break a Leg girl !

rosie said...

p.s - it is likely that the Dominion will put up the cast's holiday dates but i haven't been able to find them. They might be on a different website so try searching them. I know other theatres do publish them so you can book for when the popular actors are definitely there, but its worth having a look around..
Rosie x