Thursday, 4 September 2008

Competition Results

Well after 10 days of twists, turns, tension and 132 votes our competition poll has come to an end.


The winner of the best Nancy Mission with 39 votes is my personal favourite the comedy challenge and we would like to congratulate Naomi, Jo, Hollie, Emily, Shaunie, Rachel, Emma and Jessica for all correctly predicting that would finish victorious. A special well done must go to Jessica who miraculously even managed to get the votes spot on!


Not far behind with 32 votes was the Kissing Mission. Maybe a certain Ben James-Ellis has been busy visiting all the internet cafes in his area to vote for what’s sure to be his favourite. Only 2 TT members correctly predicted that the Kissing Mission would finish in 2nd place and those were Emma and Jessica.


In third place with 28 votes was the Fitness/Rowing Mission. That is fantastic news for Jessica because that means she was the only person to correctly predict the top 3 missions and is therefore the winner of that amazing ‘We Will Rock You Print’ which has been signed and kissed by Rachel; David has scanned it into the post below.

However it’s not such good news for David who not only has to bring himself to part with this priceless memento but he is going to have to pay to have it flown to the US as well LOL.

Congratulations Jess!


Emma said...

so close :(

helen said...

WELL DONE JESSICA! Spookily accurate predictions there...!

jmor said...

^lol i did a lot of research!!
didn't expect comedy to be spot on obviously though haha