Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Let's Look at What You Could Have Won

Wow a big big congratulations to Jess for an eerily prophetic prediction -- Jess will be revealing next Saturday's Lotto numbers later today.

Thank you to all the TT members who took part -- I had a wee prediction myself and wasn't even close.

Delighted though to see that the Comedy mission won as it was my personal favourite -- I watched it last night and it cracked me up all over again.

I still find watching the kissing mission a traumatic experience, but with expert counselling I'm sure I'll get through it.

And the fitness mission -- well you folks really do have great taste!

Incidentally, the grey patches on the photo above are caused by the scanner -- they don't exist on the real thing, which is now on it's way to Jess, who is sitting waiting for the postman as we speak.

1 comment:

holz said...

oh looks like jessica is gonna win.....:'( oh well well done jessica!