Thursday, 4 September 2008

Rare Rachel IDA Photos

We thought you'd like to see these lovely photos from Rachel's 'I'd Do Anything' experience.

Featured here are a fantastic group shot from the Rowing Challenge, two premiere photos, (one of them featuring that George Clooney bloke) and a great one from Nancy School. Enjoy!

Also featured is a photo of Rachel with IDA and 'Wicked' fan Kirsty, who was lucky enough to meet the Nancys as they exited the stage door following the 'Wicked' task. Thanks to Kirsty for this.


jb said...

Hey David,
The blog is superb!
love these new photos,of happy times, especially the top one with Jessie's wonderful pineapple hairdo !!
Good luck girls at Hyde Park.Can't wait.

Emilia Lucia said...

she looks so pretty on the bottom photo!