Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Rachel Is Home!

Wow! We've just received this fantastic update from Rachel and we're still shaking!

There is lots of information and even a mention for Jmor's fan video!

Enough from me -- here is the lady herself:

Hello there everyone, well I'm back from the nicest weeks holiday EVER!

So relaxing and just what we both needed, so nice in fact we want to make that one of the places to go on our honeymoon!(notice how i say ONE).

Yes I came back to a whirlwind of phone calls and radio interviews about my good news- which im delighted to say all you guys were the first to know before any paper of radio station!! So there!

I would have loved to let you know personally in a blog but time last weekend was nowhere to be seen!

I found out on Thursday up at Sydmonton-with all the girls which was really lovely and a very special moment because they were all so happy for me and we've shared so much together, but of course I had no time to get on a computer and tell you guys personally!

So I called Karen to tell David to tell you!

Well as you know I open on Mon 22 september with other new cast members, some of whom i know from before, so that was nice to hear.

Rehearsals start 18 Aug and I CANT BLOODY WAIT!

So excited and nervous and scared, I sometimes think I'll forget what to do!Hope not! So more to be posted about that nearer the time.

Now onto the Workshop-in a word WOW! I just experienced something that I'll probably never experience again.

The girls and myself had the funnest, exciting, nerve wracking experience (after Nancy) ever!

I was very grateful and honoured to be asked to play a part in this fascinating piece. It was a wonderful experience to be a part of this exciting rehearsal process.

So on to our Cabaret -- well we all loved it and it was fantastic to be up performing with the girls again.

We did a group number, and then one by one we did a song of our choice that was beautifully choreographed.

Sam opened with 'Wizard and I' then Jessie with 'Man That Got Away', then Ashley-'Big Spender' then me with Cabaret, of course! Niamh did 'Maybe I like it This Way' and Jodie finished with 'Send in The Clowns'.

It was a great show and very well recieved by all and I'm very proud to put this on my CV.

So thats really all the low down on my latest news, nothing more to say and sorry if i've went on a bit but lots to fill you in on!

So bye for now and i hope you're enjoying the site, must say the footage by Jmor really got me and I thought was so true to me so thanks for that!

x love Rachel.


Helen said...

Rachel seems so lovely and so humble. I'm pleased she had a fab time at Sydmonton and on her hols.
Thanks for the update, Rachel, it means a lot to your fans!!

PS David and Andy, have you recovered yet? :)

Chris Worthing said...

Sydmonton must have been great-Im sure all the Nancys will retain a special bond,whatever happens in their careers,and it must have been great to get together again.This site is absolutely fab,every time I visit there seems to be some fresh news about Rachel...Ive converted all my friends into Rachel fans now..that performance of Cabaret still takes the breath away even now...and soon there will be some fresh memories to take away from the Dominion Theatre too!
And I love the fact that Rachel is living the dream with her true fans through this blog,thanks to David Andy and Karen too...

arlene said...

WHOOOOHHHHOOOOO, fabulous! i love it!

David and Andy are fab!

Rachel we are so proud! Maybe you could come visit our gymnasts some day! :)

ChrisCov said...

Wowh! Andy I couldn't have put it better than you! Felt just like you did after reading Rachel's experiences at Sydmonton. Still trying to take it all in! That 'wee girl from Belfast' is starting to be recognised by the powers that be in the musical theatre world. If Rachel reads this, my message to her - Can't wait to see you 'break a leg' on your opening night in WWRY. Enjoy this wonderful exciting time in your career. YOU so deserve it!
x Chris
PS Would love to say hello and a personal thank you to Andy,David and Karen for this wonderful site. Maybe at Rachel's 1st night? I'll be sitting in the stalls with my family - just some of Rachel's greatest fans!

Anonymous said...

haha thats so cool!! thankyou Rachel!!!!

Scott Godfrey said...

Rachel, you are absolutely amazing!

jo said...

Thank you so much rachel for the fabolous update, it is so lovely that you have so much time for your fans, and so sweet of you to contribute to the fan blog!!

It sounds and looks as though you had a fantastic time at sydmonton, and i am sure you blew everyone away with your performances as always.

Glad you had a good, relaxing holiday, i am sure you needed it, as we are going to be seeing you very shortly living your dream and starring in the west end cast of wwry, and all your fans too cannot bloody wait to see you blow us all away yet again!!! I am soooo excited!

jo xx

Ali H said...

What a lovely update!

Thank you Rachel! Glad you had a superb holiday.

Cannot wait to see openning night!!

Ali Xxxx

JMOR said...

Well thank you Rachel, very very much!! It means a lot to me that you liked the video, and saying it was true to you would probably be one of the best comments I've ever recieved!

Let alone it coming from the person I made it for just WOW has had me in smiles all day!

Sydmonton sounded like a great experience and I'm 100% sure WWRY will be your favorite thrill ride!

Good Luck in the future Rachel! Us fans will be supporting you all the way!

Anonymous said...

Rachel, thank you so much for your contribution to the blog! Its so exciting reading any little updates you have and really has made my evening!

My tickets are booked for 22nd September and i really really really cannot WAIT!!!!!
So pleased you had a wonderful holiday and that you're excited about rehearsals starting!

You're a star, and i honestly can't wait for your opening night in the West End! Enjoy!

Rosie x x x x

Krissie said...

Aww yay for a new update! These make me happy :)

Sounds like Sydmonton was a complete blast (as it should be!)!

Can't say I have tickets for the 22nd booked...sigh. I hate living in the states at times like these! BUT! I will be over there by January (God Willing) so I'll just have to make up for it and see it like...eight...ten...twelve...times :)

Andy said...

I cannot put into words what it means to me and David to have you contributing to the blog Rachel.

I am so delighted everything is working out so perfectly for you because no one is more deserving of success.

Sydmonton sounds like an amazing experience and I bet you were the belle of the ball.

I'm also glad that you had such a fantastic holiday and hopefully you have now recharged your batteries ahead of what’s sure to be a hectic few weeks.

My Birthday is on September 21st and this year I'll be getting the best present possible - albeit a day late - watching you perform in 'We Will Rock You' on your opening night.

I never thought I'd be so happy to turn 31 lol. I can't wait.

Ali H said...

Me again! The pictures from the holiday are brill..looks like you both had a brilliant time. The one on the scooter cracks me up!

Ali xxxx

Anonymous said...


Nice one Rachel!!! She seems so lovely!! Can't wait to see her in We Will Rock You.

Emilia said...

Awwwh the pictures of her & Guy are lovely! So nice to see her so happy, and I'm so thrilled whenever I read a post from her!x

Ps.Anyone read her interview about the older men and "lads my own age don'y really float my boat" comments? Totally agree with her! Haha

holz said...

YEY GO RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!