Friday, 18 July 2008

'Who's The Biggest Fan' Challenge + Jessie Blog


Understandably we haven't posted anything in the last few days as we wanted to keep Rachel's lovely update at the top of the page for everyone to see.

We do however have a couple of great new posts coming up, including some priceless pictures of Rachel's school play performances!

As a little taster, see if you can spot our girl in this photo of the 'Annie' cast with Karen.

"let me just interupt you there David... lol. HI there Tucker fans; I was having great fun when I emailed some old pics to David. I challenged him to guess which little girl was Rachel. I'm happy to tell everyone that he only took two guess to get it right lets have some fun with this blog. Who's really Rachels 'biggest fan' and can tell us 'Who that girl is'.

I now challenge all you fans out there....who's gonna win first prize?" :-)

Karen x


We're delighted to say that our blog has inspired Kate from the Internet Forum to set up a similar project for Jessie!

Titled the 'Jessie Buckley Fan Blog', you'll notice a strong resemblance in layout to our very own site, and we're very pleased that Jessie is being recognised in this way.

We'd like to wish Kate all the very best with her new venture!



Ali Hewitt said...

Front Row, third from left??

The only one looking at the camera! lol

Am i right??

Ali H xxxx

Helen said...

Ali, you beat me to it! I was going to say exactly the same. It's unmistakeable!

So, great minds, Ali? (That is, as long as we're right!!)

Karen said...

hhmnn How long should I keep you in suspence!!??? lol

jo said...

yep i agree that has got to be rachel, you can tell by the facial expression lol!!!

jo xx

enigma said...

I also would have gone for third from left, front row. Except David took two attempts to get it right. So I'm going for first from left, front row.

I reckon Karen is fifth from left, back row.

David (J)

Karen said...

aaah Ali you are todays winner and officially Rachel's biggest fan...well done!!! She is of course the only one looking at the camera lol. David J I am indeed 5th from the left back row and the oldest person on stage. You were clever to try a different tactic on yer guess on Rachelbut to no avail Im afraid. David thought she was the one on the right with the big bunches in her hair lol

jmor said...

lol if only i posted sooner i was going to saw the same one!

Ali H said...

Yay!! I never win!

Helen its got to be great minds think alike lol!!

Ali xxxx

David said...

Well done Ali and everyone else for that matter!

I'm off to Specsavers....


katee said...

Yer i was going to say 3rd fromt he left....she is stunning and its them long flowing locks that give it away!!

Krissie said...

I love that she is the ONLY one looking at the camera. Of course, i was always that kid too.

And Karen, you haven't changed much either :) I picked you both out at the same time!