Friday, 16 September 2016

Wicked10 New Production Shots

So we waited patiently for new shots of the 10th Anniversary cast & can't lie were slightly gutted when they tried to fool us into believing this was a new shot of Rachel & didn't even use any of her Broadway productions shots... but all is forgiven with the gift they & the genius that is @MrMattCrockett have bestowed upon us today...

First we got this teaser & the hour that followed was a torturously agonizing wait for the actual images. In which some of us spent all that time constantly re-watching the below teaser, refreshing all the Wicked UK Social media platforms & trying to find Gifs that adequately portrayed our pain/excitement (if you follow us on Twitter you saw it all).

Then 12pm rolled along and we got these.
Wicked London's 10th Anniversary Elphaba...

How stunning? I mean what else can I say? Not to slap a gift horse in the mouth but i'm hoping there will be more with the new cast, but assuming they will role out over the next week or so leading up to the 10th Anniversary show on 27th September, have you got your tickets yet?

In other news... I am aware i've been slacking in the blog department, but I trust you all follow the blog Twitter account which is always up to date, I will endeavour to catch the blog up with some throwback's to add what's missing, hope you all understand, life get's in the way sometimes. xA

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