Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rachel chats to Gay Times about all things 10th Anniversary & more.

In the lead up to #Wicked10 Rachel took a break to chat with William Connelly about coming back to play the green girl on the West End, how her Elphie has evolved & so much more... it's well worth the read over on GayTimes.

"Welcome back to London… Rachel: Thank you!

Is it nice being back? It’s absolutely brilliant! God, it’s such an honour to be back for a start. This is a role that I hold very dear to my heart and it has taught me a lot, given me a lot, and to be asked back for the 10th anniversary is HUGE!
There really is no play like home… YEAH! [Chuckles]
How long before your move to Wicked on Broadway had you been playing Elphaba here in London?  If it’s 11 months per contract including rehearsals, and I did three contracts here in total, that would make it 2 years 9 months in London with the last six months pregnant with my son which was another challenge. Heck, not only did I sing Elphaba eight times each week but I did it pregnant! [Laughs] 

You then moved to New York to star in Wicked on Broadway. How long was that for? A year but actually in the show for 11 months. It was actually 10 to begin but I was extended for seven weeks before joining the London production again now for another five months. That’s not far from five years in total as Elphaba when I’m all finished in January."   To read the full interview please click through.

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