Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Rachel on 'Show People' with Paul Wontorek

Earlier today Broadway.Com shared this weeks episode of "Show People" and lucky for us their guest was Rachel Tucker. Click through to check it out or watch below.

This is such a fabulous interview with Rachel, just finished & already need to watch again. It's funny I was just thinking today that there had not been enough proper interviews with Rachel since she started back in Wicked & then boom.. here we go.

Must apologise for my lack of updates on the blog recently, there's been so much happening & then my own little trip to New York to see our green girl in action. There's been incredible new promo pictures posted recently & i've been waiting patiently for them all to be released before sharing in a blog post, but have been Tweeting/Instagramming & adding to our Facebook page as soon as I become aware of them. So if you're not already following us on those please do click through & join us.

Also will be running a few competitions soon to win a couple of Playbills from Wicked on Broadway, so keep an eye out for those on Twitter, as soon as I decide what you'll need to do to enter.

Will get to catching up on some of the important things that belong on the blog for you guys asap & hope to do some little write ups about the Wicked shows I saw whilst over there & just how much Rachel's Elphaba has evolved. She was out of this world in London & now over on Broadway with the opportunity to revisit this character, she's completely blown her own bar out of the water & truly does live in the 'skin of Elphie' as Paul mentioned above. I'd been trying to find a way to describe how she just 'IS' Elphie & he kind of hit the nail on the head. I could honestly babble on for hours about how 'perfect' her Elphaba is but i'll save it for when I can make it make sense. Just know that if you have NOT been to see Rachel on Broadway yet, you need to get on it. Break out the piggy bank & make that happen.

For your information: Rachel will not be performing on the following dates & has tweeted that her contract is up on 19th June 2016, so honestly guys, get those diaries out & start planning.

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