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The View &'s Character study with Rachel

The View. 

On Wednesday 16th of December 'Michelle Collins' from ABC's "The View" made her Broadway debut. In the video below Michelle chats to Rachel about getting green & then you get a few sneaky clips of Rachel actually on stage in Wicked on Broadway. It's a very interesting watch, so check it out below. 

 "Michelle Collin's, a co-host of ABC's THE VIEW is a big time musical theater fan. As she explained to THE TALKshow's audience, "When I was given the opportunity to appear on Broadway it was truly a dream come true." Below, watch Collins make her 28-second Broadway debut in Wicked, after she gets a little advice from the show's current stars, Kara LINDSAY and Rachel Tucker. "                                   BroadwayWorld

Michelle Collins in Broadway's Wicked
Candace Cameron Bure and Raven-Symoné surprise Michelle Collins at her Broadway debut in WICKED The Musical!
Posted by The View on Wednesday, 16 December 2015

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Character Study with Rachel Tucker, on Elphaba!

Earlier this evening Broadway.Com released a new "Character Study" video with Rachel chatting about the Elphaba as a character, who she understands her to be & why she's such a great role model, all over top of a gorgeous video of Rachel transforming into the character of Elphaba.

I have to say, I absolutely love this video. Reminds me of why I love Rachel Tucker's Elphie so much, and it has everything to do with her understanding of the character & how comfortable she is in her green skin.. there's just something about Tuckphie.

Also love that fact she's got a picture of her first Glinda with her over there.. and do we wish Lou could go to the party too!
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Check below for more pictures we've put on Instagram from this video.

ICYMI: New 'Out Of Oz' video.

As you may remember from our earlier blog on the Out Of Oz series, Wicked are in the process of a slow roll out of some re-imagined takes on the Wicked music.. it started with Rachel Tucker & Aaron Tveit's version of Defying Gravity & early last week they finally released the next instalment. Which lucky for us Rachel is in. It's a gorgeous re-interpretation of 'I'm Not That Girl' with Rachel's co star & Glinda, Kara Lindsey. Broadway.Com describes it as bluegrass, but i'd just describe it as a nice upbeat & fun version of this gorgeous song. I don't know about you but I love it when people take well known/loved songs & turn them on their head in an out of context kind of way. It gives the song a completely fresh meaning having it sung as a duet. Anywho enough rambling just in case you've not seen it, we've added it below for you. First though check out the teaser video they released with Rachel introducing the video.

“A simply beautiful song.” –Rachel Tucker, Broadway’s Current Elphaba Share this behind-the-scenes clip! We’ll release the entire new #OutofOz video when we have 1,000 shares on Facebook!
Posted by WICKED The Musical on Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Instagram Catch Up....
There's always some interesting pics & sometimes clips on Instagram, so I thought' i'd embed some below for you guys, in case you missed them. All credit to those who took the photos. Speaking of Instagram, i've set up an Instagram account for the blog, so check us out on Instagram at RachelTuckerBlog.

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Greenifying Spam!
(We just loved this video so much we had to take all the screen caps).

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