Monday, 23 November 2015

Fiyero Time - Behind the scenes at Wicked with Fiyero

So has started a new series of video blogs called #FiyeroTime, with Jonah Platt taking us on a weekly sneak peak behind the scenes of Wicked at the Gershwin Theatre.

Jonah will be doing a question & answer session each week so make sure you send him your questions @JonahPlatt.

Rachel makes a brief appearance in both of the first two #FiyeroTime blogs & the whole blogs themselves are well worth the watch for any Wicked fan whose interested in what happens back stage on an average day!

Rachel shows up in the background around 6mins 50secs into this before a proper appearance at 7mins & 20secs.

Rachel shows up around 4mins & 20secs into this one & it's frankly genius. So nice to see Rachel looking so happy over there & sounding fierce whilst warming up.. what is that riff & why is she not allowed to do it? We wanna hear that live, yea we do! 

Throughout the blog you can hear the show in the background & you get a cheeky few soundbites of Defying Gravity which are also well worth the listen & get us rather excited to be seeing Rachel again soon. There's also a cool video of curtain call too, so make sure you watch till the end.

Be sure to check Broadway.Com next week for the next instalment.

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