Friday, 26 June 2015

A Gift from Rachel

So guys, we've been holding our breath waiting for Rachel to share a special something with us from her gig & it's finally ready.

Rachel wanted us to exclusively share a special video with you all from her St James Concerts: Back From Broadway & well here it is.. with a wee message from the lady herself.

If you hadn't already guessed (or skipped ahead to click play) the song is 'Anyway' by Kerrigan & Lowdermilk. As far as we know the first time Rachel performed it was back in February of 2014, when she performed at the St James Studio for their 'Words & Music' concert & it blew us away completely then & now well over a year on, she found new depth & took it to a whole other level. It's a heart wrenching song, telling a very meaningful story & Rachel tells it with pure heart & soul.
From what we can remember of the gigs, we're pretty sure this video was recorded at the matinee. Before the song Rachel spoke briefly about how 
"We all have a person in our lives, a best friend, someone you love, someone you trust & admire & their talented & beautiful....... ...... you've got them sitting beside you, they're always there, they never let you down & it's a lovely thing & then they're taken from you.. gone.." 
I remember being at the gig when she spoke those words & knowing exactly what song she was going to sing & being completely overcome when the first few notes were played. It's a song that is extremely close to my heart (as for anyone interested who doesn't already know, can read in my blog about the Kerrigan & Lowdermilk gig) & those words before, set the tone. Then  of course Rachel gave such a passionate & committed performance of it & how lucky are we to now have a video of this? I remember I wrote in that blog about how I had to have video of this song, well good things come to those who wait.. we've now got video of Rachel performing 'Anyway' by Kerrigan & Lowdermilk Thank you Rachel for sharing this gift with us.

While we have you here, you've got 3 chances left to see Rachel in Communicating Doors - 
Friday 26th June - 8pm 
Saturday 27th June - 3:30pm
Saturday 27th June - 8pm
So book now or miss out. Not going to lie we've seen it 4 times already & may have to squeeze two more visits in. It's that good & Rachel is a genius in it. Go go go!!! Click the banner above to book tickets. Don't forget to wish Rachel & her cast all the best for the last few shows.

Also get booking for Rachel Tucker: Belfast To Broadway - Saturday 18th July in Belfast. Currently only 7 seats left in the stalls & some circle seats left, do NOT miss out on this gig, it's going to be the best bits of the previous St James gigs & who knows what else. So book it up.

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