Thursday, 30 April 2015

Videos from The Last Ship

So for all you who've been dying to see snippets of Rachel on Broadway we've stumbled upon some cheeky video clips of her duets from the show, on youtube. We suggest you watch them while you can, just in case they get taken down.

While we have you here, we thought we'd finally managed to get the video from Fallon on to the internet for you,  but it only lasted a few moments. NBC is mighty good at finding their stuff on Youtube. So while we still try to figure that out for you. There is a video of Rachel's "If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor" from Broadway for you to enjoy..

We know that cheeky videos like this are so naughty... and do not any anyway condone them but we can't help but be grateful after the fact because well without them, we'd never have seen these gorgeous clips from such a stunning show.

Honestly how much do we wish The Last Ship would play here in the UK? It has to be done.
Had the privilege of seeing Sting! perform the songs from the show in their entirety over the weekend & I just simply can not express how beautiful this music is. We've all listened to the album (Any one who hasn't yet, consider us glaring at you & click this link to rectify that) & know it's gorgeous but actually hearing that music live on stage with a packed house was something else entirely. I could probably go on for days about it, but this is a Rachel Tucker fan blog, so i'll leave it there. Except to say it's no bloody wonder Sting & Rob Mathes have been nominated for Tony's for best original music & lyrics & best orchestration. So well deserved & we have everything crossed for them for the win.

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