Sunday, 19 October 2014

The terrific Tucker shines whenever given the opportunity!

Hi Everyone,

If you're reading this then I am so thrilled as that means my first ever blog post has worked!
A huge thank you to Andy who kindly agreed today that I could help out with the blog and keep you all up to date on Rachel!

So ... my name is Matt, I'm a primary school teacher and have been a massive fan of Rachel ever since her appearance on I'd Do Anything.

For my first post I thought I would point you all in the direction of a few YouTube clips, which I am sure you've probably seen, but I couldn't remember seeing being posted on the blog as yet - The trailer to The Last Ship and a clip of 'What Say You Meg'.

Also, here's a link to a pre-broadway review which claims 'the terrific Tucker shines whenever given the opportunity' - I just wish I lived in the USA to get the chance to see Rachel perform.
Anyway, that's enough from me now (I wouldn't want to bore you on my first post).
If anyone reading this is lucky enough to have seen Rachel perform in her latest venture, please get in contact so we can post your review!

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