Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blog Author Required

As you know I don't have enough free time to make regular blog posts these days and although I've requested help before and taken on new authors, they too have found it difficult to keep the blog updated.

Rachel's Broadway dreams have come true and there is still plenty of exciting news and videos that I'd like to see added to the blog.

Just this week I found this wonderful video of Rachel and the cast of 'The Last Ship' performing 'If You Ever See Me Talking To A Sailor'


As I said I'm no longer able to keep the blog updated the way I have for the past 6 years and would like to ask again if there is anyone who would like to help.

If you fancy joining the team and helping to run Rachel's official fan blog then please let me know:

Please only apply if you really do have enough free time to make regular updates. We don't necesarily need new posts every day or even every week but this is still the first port of call for many Rachel fans so it would be nice if we could have at least a couple of posts a month.

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