Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Last Ship - Broadway Opening - Review Roundup

Wow, so now that The Last Ship is officially open, the reviews are coming in thick & fast.. below we're going to attempt to pick out all the Rachel related quotes & then link you back to the full reviews to read more about their thoughts on the show.

NYTimes: "Setting Course to Reclaim the Past"

Variety: Broadway Review: "Sting's "The Last Ship."

The NY Post: "Sting's debut musical isn't perfect but it stays afloat."

NBC NY: "The Last Ship Is a High-Water Mark for Sting."

USA Today: "Sting Revisits Roots in Buoyant, Moving 'Last Ship.'"

Timeout NY: "The Last Ship"

Entertainment Weekly: "The Last Ship"

The Guardian: "Sting Musical takes inspiration from the Shipyard."

Deadline: "The Last Ship Review: Jeremy Gerard on Sting's Tuneful ......."

Chicago Tribune: "The Last Ship at the Neil Simon Theatre"

Musical Theatre Review: "The Last Ship Review, New York, Neil Simon Theatre."

Starwatch By Line: "Broadway Spotted: The Last Ship"

The Columbus Dispatch: "The Last Ship: Musical Showcases power of songs from Sting."

New York Theater: "Sting's Hometown Tale on Broadway."

Perez Hilton: "The Last Ship"


Vulture: "The Last Ship Set's Sail"

Lighting & Sound America: Theatre In Review: "The Last Ship"

Daily Geekette: "What Say You, Meg?; Sting's The Last Ship, Review"

Harpers Bazaar: "Sting's Broadway Debut."

We hope you've enjoyed reading these comments about Rachel's performance in The Last Ship, now for something slightly different but still related. Rachel got praised as the 'Best Dressed' at the Red Carpet for "The Last Ship." 
  • "Rachel Tucker looked absolutely beautiful in her red ensemble. The lace, the lip and her vibrant stiletto heels along with the stunning jewels by Verdura, set her apart from everyone else. She stole the red carpet last night."

While we have you here, there's a few more photo's from curtain cal/the red carpet, which were released after our previous post. So you can find them below.

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