Wednesday, 17 July 2013

New Release Date For 'The Reason'

Unfortunately Rachel has had to put back the release date of her debut album 'The Reason' to August 12th.

Still, we've all been waiting 5 years to get our hands on a Rachel Tucker CD so I'm sure we can manage another 3 weeks.

I'm sure. No . . .  I know, it will be worth the wait.

This news does make the prospect of hearing her perform songs from her new album at her St James Theatre concert next Thursday all the more exciting.

Here is the official press release from Big Hand Recordings:

Sorry guys we need to move the release date of Rachel Tucker's brand new album back 3 weeks to August 12th. 

We just ran out of time on a few key bits and the album needs to be as perfect as it can be........ 

We're so so sorry. 

SO the album will be now released on August 12th but for everyone that has pre-ordered the album your copies will be posted out as soon as we receive them and Rachel has signed them and if we can do earlier than August 12th then we will....... Thank you for your understanding

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