Monday, 1 July 2013

'The Reason' Track List Complete

How did you get on guessing the tracks on Rachel's debut album 'The Reason'?

The full play list has now been confirmed and I'm sure you'll agree we're all in for a treat when the album is released on July 22nd.

1) The Reason
2) Small Bump
3) Stone Cold Sober
4) No One But You
5) My Immortal
6) One Night Only
7) I'll Cover You
8) Defying Gravity
9) Gone Too Soon
10) Duet With My Dad

I'm now buzzing with anticipation. I've waited 5 years to get my hands on a Rachel Tucker CD and now it's only 3 weeks away.

If you haven't already done so head over to Rachel's official website and pre order your signed copy, it will be the best £12.50 you've ever spent:


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