Thursday, 7 February 2013

Benjamin Anthony Retallack

Rachel today confirmed that Mr Cutie has been named Benjamin Anthony Retallack.

I've always loved the name Benjamin :) Hopefully we'll have a few pics of the little fella soon.

Here are a few of her baby tweets:

@racheltucker1 It's a new dawn, it's a new day - IT'S A NEW LIFE FOR ME......and I'm feeling goooooooood! Xr

@racheltucker1 Woohoo,  Who's a Mother Tucker now??? @guyretallack and I wanna thank u fr yr amazing tweets. So many and so lovely.  Xr 

@racheltucker1 Still a little bit nameless, bless him but Mr Cutie will do for now. Words can not describe this feeling. How is so much love possible? Xr 

@racheltucker1 Ook. So we named Mr Cutie on Tuesday but we were just making sure we loved it before we told 18,000 odd people his name just to change it.

@racheltucker1 Mr Cutie is now called Benjamin Tony Retallack and he really suits it. Never even considered it until he was here. X 

@racheltucker1 @Gerard_McCarthy Well Its actually Anthony so that makes it B.A.R Yes my sons initials are BAR.  Well ..... I am Irish.  Ahhhhh lol. X 

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