Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Sally Hodgkinson's Wicked Review

It's time for another fan review of Rachel's final night in Wicked, this one was written by Team Tucker member Sally Hodgkinson.

Thanks Sally : -)

When I first saw Wicked on the 28th December 2011, I had no idea what it was about or who was in it. As you can imagine, I was completely blown away by it and thought the person who played Elphaba was amazing, and later discovered that it was Rachel Tucker. 

Since then, I have been listening non-stop to the songs and gradually finding out more and more about the show and who's in it. On 22nd September I was finally allowed to go and see it again with two friends who enjoyed it immensely. My trip was made even more special as I was lucky enough to meet all of the cast and get most of their autographs, including THE RACHEL TUCKER'S!! I got pictures with Gina, Matt, Lillie and Rachel; who turned up very late and was saying she should be greenified by now and hadn't even set foot in the theatre! Anyway, her performance was flawless as usual and left my friends in a state of shock by the end of the show. 

So, when I persuaded my parents to see her last show, I was so glad I saw it as it was the best out of the two. Her acting was just phenomenal and singing was out of this world! She did crazy riffs in nearly every song and nearly brought down the entire theatre with Defying Gravity!! Her blowing the kiss to audience at the end of that song was the highlight for me as well as her saying: "For the last time..." in As Long As You're Mine. All of the 2 hours and 45 minutes were just mind-blowing and is something I will never forget. 

All of the cast who left will be greatly missed by all Wicked Fans. The only thing Wicked London needs to do is make a London Recording with Rachel Tucker, that, in my opinion, will truly finish Rachel's incredible run in Wicked. 

Good luck to Rachel with her baby and all the best to the rest of the cast!

Rachel's talent left fellow Team Tucker member Stephanie speechless but she did want to share a couple of great stage door pictures with us.

Thanks Stephanie : -)


I'm so sorry that I didn't send my message but I don't know what to say, I just want to say so much : -) !!

It's too crazy for words : -) ... AMAZING WOMAN !! 

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