Monday, 29 October 2012

More Wicked Memories

I only came across the above picture this morning when I was searching through images online. SO cute. Quite possibly my favourite Elphaba pic ever!

Anyway, I've just landed back from my week in London, the highlight of which was of course meeting Rachel and witnessing her extraordinary final night in Wicked.

If any of you guys were lucky enough to be there and want to share your experiences, memories and pictures please either leave a comment or email

While I get my breath back and try to figure out how on earth to find the words to describe that special night I'm going to post 4 more Wicked Memories.

Rachel now has fans all over the world and two of the messages below come from overseas, Bridget (Brazilian) and Maureen (Dutch).

Thanks to all you guys for sending in your memories of Rachel's incredible 3 years in Oz.

Bridget's Wicked Memories

I went to see Wicked in this year's June. I wasn't expecting to feel in love with it so deeply as I did. I felt an instant connection with all the cast, but even more with Rachel. Her voice was so powerful that blown my mind away! It gave me so much peace and joy, like I never felt before. Now, eveyday I keep listen to some fan recordings of the show, so I can revive the best 2 hours of my life. I wish I had met her that day, and I'm so sad that I didn't. I really wish that she'll be back one day. She's amazing, the best Elphaba of all the times. No one can replace her - at least, no one will never replace her in my heart.

Zoe Letley's Wicked Memories

When I first saw Wicked in January 2012, I was totally blown away the show, but there was one person, who I found myself thinking about whenever I thought about my experience at Wicked. Hint, hint, this person was green. Yeah, Rachel Tucker. Since then I have become musical theatre mad, going to see Wicked 3 more times and I am going to see her once more on the 27th. She is a amazing person, with a super voice. I went and saw her at West End Live this year, and I have booked tickets to see her perform at the Breast Cancer concert.
Wishing Rachel the best, and I can't wait to see her again, bring the house down, in yet another amazing musical. Love you Rachel. xx

Maureen's Wicked Memories

Last year my mom had a suprise for me. She took me to London after I finished school. We planned 3 musicals and we both wanted to see Wicked! Before the show came to The Netherlands on May 18th we saw Rachel as Elphaba and I felt in love! She was AMAZING! How she play the role and everthing. She blew me away and I had goosebumps every where. The green witch with the blue eyes! She is my favourite for ever!

I really wanted to meet Rachel but I think that´s never gonna happen but I got hope ;-) I really wanted to be here today by her last show but unfortunately I have to work today, but with my mind I'll be there! A really big hug for Rachel!

Rebacca Cran's Wicked Memories

I first saw Wicked this January, my school choir won a small competition singing For Good so we went to see the song in its original context. I didn't know anything about the show (apart from "it's the untold story of the witches of Oz") or who Rachel was but I fell in love with her from the off. The power in her voice blew me away and I left the theatre literally shaking. I didn't get to come back until August, but in the meantime I had found out so much about her career and the struggles she'd been through to get where she is and she is the most inspirational person I've ever met. I met her before the show when I came back and that was the best day of my life so far. Genuinely lovely and down-to-earth, taking the time to talk to us for a bit despite the ridiculous temperature, and hearing her Irish accent for real for the first time is something I'll never forget. She was phenomenal that day, although it was a matinee (so no riffs) she treated us to her trademark Tucker growl and the best performance of any show I've ever seen, and probably will ever see, in my life. She has thoroughly inspired me to just be myself, no matter what. She has changed me for good, as cheesy as the reference is. She will be greatly missed, Wicked just won't be the same without her. In my opinion, no one wears green as well as her. She IS Elphaba.

The best of luck, Rachel, and thank you for everything.

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