Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Congratulations to Rachel and Guy

Before I start posting show reviews, pictures or more Wicked memories I have some exciting news.

If you follow Rachel on Twitter or have been to see Wicked over the past few weeks then you probably already know that they'll be a baby Tucker joining us in January.

Yes, that's right. Rachel is nearly 7 month's pregnant !!

Elphaba was a dream role for Rachel and the past 3 years has no doubt been one of the most amazing periods of her life but this is surely the most thrillifying news of all.

MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel and Guy who I know will make the most AMAZING parents.

It's going to be one lucky little munchkin. Don't overdo the milk flowers though Rachel : -)


Stephanie said...

It's so amazing, they will be the best parents ever! It's so exciting :-)!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rachel and Guy!!Such a nice news :)
ps.Rachel was amazing on Saturday!!!

Zoe said...

The new baby will have the most amazing parents. Congratualotions to Rachel and Guy!!!! Xr

Maureen van Putten said...

Amazing! Gongratz! Xxx Maureen