Friday, 19 October 2012

Share Your Wicked Memories

I know I've left this really late - especially as I'm leaving for London next Tuesday morning - but I was hoping to add some fans Wicked Memories and messages for Rachel to the blog.

What does the show mean to you? Why has Rachel been the perfect Elphie? Etc, Etc

Now time is short so to make it easier I'll be asking you to keep them brief. I wont restrict you to 140 characters like Twitter but neither do I expect you to write an essay.

I'm perfectly happy with one liners if you feel it says all you need to say.

For example:  
"I recongnised Rachels talent the first time I saw her on IDA & was delighted when she was eventually rewarded with her dream role in my favourite show. Her powerhouse vocals coupled with her fine comedic acting & immense stage precence made her the perfect Elphie. I'm a avid Wicked fan but the show will lose some magic when she waves goodbye to Oz for the final time. 

She is now one of the biggest names in muscial theatre & her success is richly deserved. A truly beautiful person inside & out, always happy to chat or pose for pictures whether it was at stage door or Wicked Day. Thanks for being the best Elphaba ever Rachel, can't wait to see what comes next."

As you only have just over 3 days before I depart for my final Wicked adventure I may decide to leave posting your responses until I get back, which wont be until Monday 29th. We'll see how it goes.

If you'd like to add a stage door picture of you with Rachel attach it to your email.


Anonymous said...

Man, I'm so jealous! I can't believe I'm not seeing her again - just because my terrible communication teacher didn't allowed me to go to London before Oct 27 th ):
Anyway, can I just leave my message here? Idk, but I will.

I went to see Wicked in this year's June. I wasn't expecting to feel in love with it so deeply as I did. I felt an instant connection with all the cast, but even more with Rachel. Her voice was so powerful that blown my mind away! It gave me so much peace and joy, like I never felt before. Now, eveyday I keep listen to some fan recordings of the show, so I can revive the best 2 hours of my life. I wish I had met her that day, and I'm so sad that I didn't. I really wish that she'll be back one day. She's amazing, the best Elphaba of all the times. No one can replace her - at least, no one will never replace her in my heart.

Sorry for my lame english - I'm a Brazilian and my english sucks! But I did it with all my heart. I hope you can meet Rachel and give her a hug for me!

Andy said...

Hi Bruna,

Thanks for the message, I'll definitely add it to the Wicked Memories post and I'll make sure I give Rachel a hug for you :-)


Maureen van Putten said...


Here a Dutch Rachel fan.
Last year my mom had a suprise for me,She took me to London after i finished school.
We planned 3 musicals and we both wanted to see Wicked!
Before the show came to The Netherlands.
On May 18th we saw Rachel as Elphaba and i felt in love!
She was AMAZING! how she play the role and everthing.. she blew me away and i had goosebumps every where.. The green witch with the blue eyes! she is my favourite for ever!
I really wanted to meet Rachel but i think that´s never gonna happen.. but i got hope ;-)
I really wanted to be here today.. by her last show but unfortunately i have to work today, but with my mind i'll be there!
A really big hug for Rachel!

Love, Maureen

PS. Sorry for my bad english.. i'm from the netherlands and have barely english lessons.