Monday, 12 March 2012

Competition Time @TeamTucker1

The above picture is sort of irrelevant to this post but I found it online I thought it was super cute and deserved to be posted.

As I'm sure you know, Karis and Laura run @TeamTucker1 on Twitter and they're holding a couple of competitions now they've reached 400 followers.

The first is to design a Team Tucker logo for a t-shirt. The winner's design will be printed on a t-shirt and sent to them in the post. It will also be made available for any other people to download if they should so wish.

The second is to design a front cover for a scrapbook which Laura is making Rachel for her birthday!

Also, if you'd like to send Rachel a Birthday message they'd be delighted to add it to the scrapbook and if you have any pictures of you with the west ends #1 leading lady please include them too.

Entries and messages to be sent to - deadline for everything is Sunday 13th May.

Finally, thanks to Laura for the wonderful tribute video below.

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