Saturday, 28 January 2012

Media Night Pics & Quiz News

Firstly I want to bring your attention to a forthcoming quiz. Team Tucker members Laura and Karis who run an excellent Twitter fan page for Rachel will be holding a quiz when they reach 300 followers. Help them reach this target and take part in the quiiz by following them at @TeamTucker1.

Thursday 26th January was the Wicked 2012 media night at the Apollo Victoria and a whole host of celebs turned out to enjoy a magical evening. As you can see Rachel was looking more beautiful than ever in these stunning after party photos. If you want to check out just which celebs visited Oz you can view all the pics by clicking on the link below.


And here's a few extra show pics featuring our girl looking just as stunning but a little more green.


Laura said...

Thanks for promoting the quiz Andy :) Doesn't she look beautiful <3

Kevin Smith said...
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Kevin Smith said...

This is lovely post. Thanks for sharing this post. All pictures more beautiful. I love these.

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Host a Quiz said...

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