Monday, 2 May 2011

Alan Titchmarsh Show Videos

As I expected I missed the show today but Rachael very kindly recorded and uploaded this lovely video.

Unfortunately there was no interview and the song they performed was 'Popular' which obviously doesn't involve Rachel as much as some others. Still it's a great song and I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Dan also managed to record the show and below you will find his video and a link to a HQ download.


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Dan said...

I've been battling with 2 computers for over an 3 hours :(
I have 2 different videos that work perfectly but as soon as I upload to youtube, it puts it completely out of sync.

I've managed the following.
which unfortunately puts it in 4:3 even though I clearly asked for 16:8

I've uploaded the original BEST quality file here for people to download.