Friday, 29 April 2011

The Alan Titchmarsh Show

Rachel and Louise will be appearing on the Alan Titchmarsh show on Monday 2nd May at around 4pm.

The show is broadcast on ITV.

I may not be about on Monday so if anyone else is able to record the part featuring our 'Wicked' witches and upload it to You Tube it would be most helpful. If you email me the link to your video I'll add it to the blog.


Dan said...

i've just bought a USB-TV recorder, so I should be able to get a top quality recording of the show...
not quite HD ready but it'll be good quality i think.

Dan said...

darn it, kinda sad that they only did a short version of Popular and didn't even interview them :(
oh well, even still, Louise was FANTASTIC! I suppose it's nice to let her have some limelight for a change :)

Laura said...

lou was brilliant! yeah coz rachel did doi so lou does alan titchmarsh- fair do's! can't believe he said elphaba as elphahba, what a numpty..... but an interview would have been nice!

Andy said...

As I expected I was out today so missed the show. Shame there wasn't an interview but I'll still post the video if you managed to record it Dan.

Send me a link when it's uploaded.