Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dans 'So Jest End' Report

Thanks to Dan for sharing his 'So Jest End' experience.

I thought I would tell you about Jest End tonight.

As you know Rachel was in it a couple of years ago so is a big fan of it and was actually in the audience tonight with her husband Guy.

Anyway I thought I'd tell you about one of the sketches/songs that you'd appreciate.

2 of the actresses came onstage, both dressed in black clothes, one with a big mad black afro type wig and one with long black wig. The big wigged one said "Welcome to the west end news, I am Hannah Waddingham, the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz", then the other actress says "and I'm Rachel Tucker"

Hahahaha - brilliant... they have a Rachel Tucker sketch... when she's in the room!

The actresses proceeded to bicker with each other about who was the better witch and better singer etc - this quite quickly turned into a parody of 'what is this feeling'. I can't remember the lyrics too well, but when the other one was taking the piss out of Rachel she said something about not being able to belt higher than an E and something about sounding like she needed to get her nodules removed to improve her voice.

To be honest I didn't really get these references as for one Rachel always belts higher than an E and also her voice sounds perfect, but I’m sure they are some in-jokes between the writer Garry Lake and Rachel.

I didn't say hi to Rachel, for some reason I was a bit shy (or hung-over) and felt it was a bit of an odd situation, seeing as I was waiting for my friend to go to the bathroom and Rachel happened to just come out lol.


Rosie said...

Jest End was amaaaaazing!!! Too funny - and apparently they're doing another random show in the summer.. Follow @Jest_End on twitter for the details as its definitely worth going to!

Dan said...

if you go to

it's on at 2.50