Friday, 25 March 2011

Team Tucker Wicked Trip

While Rachel was in 'We Will Rock You' we managed to arrange a couple of Team Tucker outings to see the show, one on opening night and the other for her first performance as Scaramouche. There was a third planned but it was cancelled as many of us had to pull out for various reasons.

This type of thing is always very difficult to organize but I wanted to test the water and see who might be interested in a Wicked meet up.

At this stage we are open to suggestions regarding the date of this trip but obviously we can already rule out any of the days Rachel has booked off as holiday. Now I know not many of us live in London so finding a date that works for everyone is nearly impossible but I'll start off by suggesting Saturday 18th June.

Team Tucker members Laura and Stephanie have actually designed t-shirts. Purchasing one is completely optional but for those interested we'll give details of how to place an order if the trip goes ahead.

Don't worry, there is a mens design too!

Please let us know whether you think you'd be able to attend, what potential dates you can or can't make and if you'd be interested in a t-shirt by leaving s comment on this post.


Christine said...

Don't know if I can make it to London, but I'd love to buy a couple T-shirts. How can we make that happen? Is there a website I can order from and can they be delivered to the U.S.?

The Team Tucker meet up sounds like a BLAST!

Stephanie said...

We are working on the t-shirt thingy, but at the moment we can't give you a link that goes directly to the website with our design. We are trying to figure it out and we'll let you know when we have an solution.
The Team Tucker meeting is fab but I'm afraid I can't make it in June. I have to work on Saturday and it's diff for me to take a day off and I live in Belgium. July is a better month for me but we'll see what other people say. I would say somewhere between July 18th and July 31th!


Georgia said...

Just to point out its west end live that saturday!

Andy said...

Thanks for the info Georgia, I didn't realise it was West End Live on June 18th.

Second half of July is impossible for me due to work Stephanie.

It just shows how tricky it is to arrange something like this.

Franzy said...

I won't be able to make it to London as I still have my A-levels that time. But can we still buy the T-shirts?? really want one :D

Laura said...

probably won't be able to coz of gcse's and such like, plus i'm going on april 8th sooooo my mum probably won't agree- but it'll be great for some of team tucker to go and support! i'm glad you like the t-shirts guys :) xxx

Rachael said...

Think it's a great Idea!!!
Can't do June 18th though as it's my Dad's birthday!
And I only went in February! Anytime August onwards would be better for me!

Dan said...

can i suggest a friday,
i find its the best performance days

Andy said...

I might be able to do a Friday in August, September or early October but I wont know for sure until June.

If it looks like later in the year is better for most people we can put it on hold and re-visit the idea in a few months time.

Dan said...

cool, think i'm gonna go for my June birthday anyway lol ;)

Christine said...

Revisit the trip in a couple months, but T-shirts sound lovely now! :) I can imagine walking or biking in town and people asking me who Rachel Tucker is. Great opportunity to say, "Mark my words...very soon she'll be an international star!" I can see her winning a Grammy, Tony, Oscar and Emmy in the U.S. someday.

Stephanie said...

A friday in August is a great idea :)! September and October is no option for me because I have to work!
I'm glad you guys love Laura's t-shirt design. We gonna try to figure it out so that you can buy one asap!


Nikki said...

I'd love to come to this so badly! Its a great idea :)
Around September I will be starting Uni so money may be tight, but if I have any spare at all I will be saving! And maybe I can get some more recruits when I start! :)

Stephanie said...

Sorry guys, t-shirt problem still not solved! We keep you informed!