Monday, 21 March 2011

Holiday Update

Rachel will not be performing on the following dates inclusively:

Mon 28 March 2011
Thu 30 June – Sat 9 July 2011
Mon 22 August – Sat 27 August 2011
Mon 12 September – Sat 17 September 2011


Anyone interested in a dark, musical thriller, should go see Rachel's husbands latest show 'Thrill Me', on at the Tristan Bates Theatre between the 5th & 30th April.

Thrill Me Twitter Page
CliMar Productions Website


Anonymous said...

Yous needa fix the last date unless Rachel is off for a month ;)

Andy said...

Thanks, I hadn't noticed that.

I've updated the holiday list on the right of the blog as well so you can always check her days off there rather than having to go back to this post.