Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Holiday Update - Review to Follow

As you will see from the above picture I finally managed to meet Rachel at the stage door after the show on Monday 31st August to break my Elphaba curse.

How stunning does Rachel look in that picture. As Elphaba steps out the closet in her first appearance in Act 2 she says "Well, it seems the beautiful only get more beautiful" and that is certainly true in Rachels case.

I will write a full review of my day and my chat with Rachel shortly but I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of a change to Rachels holiday dates over the next few weeks. She has cancelled her days off this week and will now be away between the 20th and 25th September for a well earned break in the sun.

All her holiday dates can be found under our welcome message on the right of the blog. They are subject to change but we'll do our best to keep you updated.

Review to follow!


Dan said...

lovely photo!! looking forward to your review! :D

Project Journal said...

Ugh!! Rachel is too gorgeous! Seriously....her smile is so memorable : D

My sister and I got a picture with her after the third show we saw *wink* Third show in a week that was...*sigh* I miss it and can't wait until my next opportunity to see Rachel in ANYTHING!! But especially Wicked! Lol...

I'm also looking forward to your review!

Vikki said...

Ahh! My best friend and I (who are slightly obsessed.. or 'dedicated' to wicked) went on the same day! It truly was amazing and we are already saving up to go again.. I know lots of people say how much they want to be in wicked and play Elphaba or Glinda, but I don't know anyone out there who wants it more than us two :D That's a big dream we both have, but also meeting the cast would be incredible.. hoping to win VIP tickets ;) xo