Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dan's Latest Review!

Thought i'd do a mini review, seeing as I saw Rachel in Wicked AGAIN :) This was almost 3 months later so that makes a lot of difference. Bought tickets AGES ago on last minute.com for £15 so had no idea how bad they would be. They were actually on the back row... right at the back of the theatre... but they were right in the middle and I could see really... it was nice to get an overview of the show as a whole really.

Rachel has totally improved on the already fantastic performance standard that she was giving 3 months ago.
Her English accent is flawless now as are her vocals = completely amazing!!! The acting and comic timing has improved even more than before.

Wizard & I was without a doubt the best version I've ever heard and I'm including the Idina Menzel studio
version on the soundtrack!
I'm not that girl was so stunning and was far clearer and... louder than it was before, almost as if she'd
read the comments that she sounded quiet on this song.
Defying Gravity was good but the beginning lacked something but as soon as she started getting near the
belt notes she took my breath away!
As Long As You're Mine was soo pretty and once again her vocals seemed clearer and more powerful
and she totally wiped the floor with Lee's vocals... who if i'm honest were not perfect.
No Good Deed - oh my god.... I thought the last version I saw was perfect I was completely toppled,
and this version even had the higher notes in the Riffs that Rachel has added I could not stop smiling as
she reached them with ease and immense power.
- my friend who i'd taken with me liked this song the best out of the show and he LOVED Rachel's version.

I was lucky enough to get the full main cast! And very much enjoyed Louise's Glinda,
she's definitely suited to a comedy role and had the whole audience giggling at her
silliness and quirks. Her vocals were also the best i've heard, definitely the easiest
and most pleasant to listen to in the early songs in the show which is sometimes quite operatic.
George's Boq was very cute and pretty funny... although I think he should possibly reign in the
Scottish accent a tiny bit as he was quite hard to understand at certain points. It also came across in his singing a little bit too much.
Lee and Cassie were good once again.
The Wizard was again VERY good, very funny although not as good vocally as he was 3 months ago in my opinion.
Madame Morrible, I'm sorry but I don't like this one, the way she delivers lines makes them lose all meaning
and humour and I just think she's an awful actress and singer. She is definitely the weak link in a fantastic cast.

Ok now I cannot wait to go again! :)


Soñador said...

Well I saw wicked exactly the 23 of August , it was the first time and it was WONDERFULL , one of the best shows i have never seen.
I am completly agree with the rating David has done of the show , except that i think that Rachel is such amazing in Defying Gravity , as Davis said she took my breath away .I agree too with the rating of Madame Horrible i dont like either , but Rachel Has prove that she is a wonderfull actress and singer , I admire her a lot , i saw her on We Will Rock You too
I am from Spain , and i came to London to see this show , I want to study musical theatre and she is an example for me , when the show finished i talked with her in the stage exit and she also very nice , Rachel You are AMAZING. Thank You Rachel , you are one of my fauvourite musical actress . Also i have to mention Louise Dearman , i laughed a lot with her , Lee as Fiyero he did really good , of course George Ure as Boq , he was fantastic , and of course Clive Owen I think he is also Wonderfull as he said in his song .Thank you very much for this Blog

Dan said...

David? Davis? The name is DAN! lol
Clive Carter do you mean? Clive Owen is probably a bit young to be the Wizard hehehe


Soñador said...

Ok im sorry i just saw "posted by David" and i thought that was your name
And im sorr again , thats right Clive Carter , i confuse with the names , but yes i thing he was really wonderfull , i dont know if maybe Joel Green (The wizard on the orginal Brodway Recorder)is better than Clive , but he was Fantastic