Monday, 16 August 2010


Just a quick update -- firstly Rachel appears in the current issue of 'Hello Magazine' as part of a feature on Andrew Lloyd Webber's BBC talent searches.

These shows -- Maria, Joseph, Dorothy and of course most importantly 'I'd Do Anything' have been a huge success in showcasing theatrical talent, launching West End careers and bringing a whole new audience to musical theatre. As Rachel fans we have to be very thankful to Andrew not only for producing some great Saturday entertainment, but also for backing Rachel throughout the series and beyond. Absolutely no doubt that the guy has talent spotting ability.

Secondly, just to remind everyone nice and early that cast change night is 5th February 2011. I suspect it will be a night none of us will want to miss.

And thirdly, I want to wish our major contributor Rosie a fantastic time on her world trip. She's leaving today for a four month journey which will include Australia, Fiji, Hong Kong and New York.


Project Journal said...

That's very cool!! I wish that we got these shows in the U.S. Unfortunately we do not. I'd never even heard of them up until London trip! LoL!

I don't want Rachel to leave Wicked! She really is Elphie and to lose her will be...devastating! I was just talking to my sister yesterday how we wished we could see her one more time before she leaves it...but will she definitely leave? I know that's when she's signed until, but do they ever pick them back up? I really don't know how it works! Lol! Can ya tell?

Oh goodness, have fun on that trip!! New York's not too far from here....and those other places should be really fun too! Are you checking out any Broadway in New York? Maybe Wicked? Lol!

Lots of love to everyone,

Anonymous said...

Wow.Just saw her want to go to cast change if i can. Where did you find out that the last performance will be 5th Febuary? And have fun on trip. =)

David said...

Hi Guys -- just want to emphasise that 5th Feb is not necessarily Rachel's final performance -- it's merely cast change night, so it COULD be. We don't have definite confirmation either way but will certainly let you know when we do. In my opinion it's better to be safe than sorry though, so if you're thinking of going that night, early booking would be a good idea.

SomeBloke said...
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Naomi said...

Wish I could be there for Rachel's last night, but unless her contract is renewed I won't get to :(

A HUGE good luck to Rosie, I'm sure your trip will be an amazing experience :D

SomeBloke said...

I'd do anything is being shown in Australia right now - perhaps Rosie could watch it there?

Dan said...

Surely they will renew her contract?!

Naomi said...

They may well ask her if she wants to renew it, but it's her choice whether or not she wants to. She has said that she doesn't like to stay in the same role for over a year, so it is doubtful that she will. But Wicked is so awesome she might decide to stay :P

Rosie said...

Aww thank you David i only just saw this! Just in Sydney right now and thought i'd check in and see whats going on at home!
And thank you, i am having an amazing time so far :)