Thursday, 5 August 2010

Team Tucker

No it's not our 50th Birthday and it's certainly not Rachel's, but we were pleased to welcome our 50th member of Team Tucker this week (Emma Heyn) and thought the occasion deserved a short post.

New members dried up a little after IDA but they've been rolling in again since Rachel landed the best role in musical theatre.

If you'd like to know more about Team Tucker and how to join, simply follow the link at the top of this blog - just above this post - and all will be explained. Links to our existing member’s profiles can be found on the right side of the blog if you scroll down the page.


Project Journal said...

I just stumbled across this blog and boy am I excited!! I'm one of Rachel's newest (and surely biggest) fans!! My family went to London for a week (Tuesday - Tuesday, including travel days). We did not order Wicked tickets, we had Phantom of the Opera tickets instead. Well, it just so happened that the Apollo Victoria theater (otherwise known as the Wicked theater) was literally around the corner from our hotel, less than a 5 minute walk! So, to shorten the story, we saw Wicked 3 times that week, twice sitting in the front row. It. Was. Phenomenal!! One of the best things that I have ever seen, rather experienced. We would have seen it every night if given the chance, but I'd say that's pretty good : D Another thing we got to do was have the entire cast (minus Lee Mead) sign our Grimmeries! It was the first night in a long time apparently that it was the full cast, as it should be.

I'm from Vermont, USA and having some serious Wicked Withdrawal Syndromes!! Oh how I wish I could be there again...

So, my question is, what does the Team Tucker do? What does it mean because I would be really interested but I don't really know what they do...


Andy said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm glad you enjoyed the show and have a great memento in your signed Grimmeries. I will tell Rachel she already has fans in the States next time I see her.

Team Tucker doesn't really do anything as such. We used to arrange to meet at the theatre or send a card to Rachel on a special occasion but we haven't actually done so since she started in Wicked. A few of us met up on opening night but it was all a bit last minute. It's now mainly used just as a way to show your support for Rachel by adding your profile to the team. There are links to all members’ profiles on the main blog. You can see what type of questions others have answered but if you want to join feel free to choose your own.

Of course new ideas for Team Tucker are always welcome.

I know all about Wicked Withdrawal Syndrome. Apparently it's becoming quite serious and has been spreading fast since Rachel joined the cast.


Dan said...

am i member? What IS Team Tucker?

Andy said...

Hi Dan,

No you haven't joined Team Tucker but you're very welcome.

Just above this post is a RED link to our original Team Tucker post which will tell you a bit more about it and how to join.