Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rachel at Pride!

Wow! What a day! It's been an amazing day full of fantastic performances, amazing friends, good food and drink and gorgeous weather. And then there was also a rather phenomenal performance of 'Defying Gravity' as sung by the Wicked Witch of the West herself...

I'm sure there are lots more pictures and videos to come, but just to give a little snapshot as to the amazingness that was today (and specifically Rachel's performance) here some of are the best pictures I managed to get...just to be going on with! And the videos below recently appeared on YouTube. The first is credited to 'blondespike86' and the second (including the message from the rest of the cast) to 'Sam4God'.


David said...

Thanks for these Rosie -- great pics! And judging by the video yet another incredible performance. I've been quite surprised at the lack of Youtube videos so far but I'm sure there will be a 'Westend Live' type deluge very soon. You and Dan were lucky enough to see a piece of musical history yesterday and who better to perform it than our Rachel!

Andy said...

Thanks Rosie. Sounds like you had the perfect day.

Superb pics as always. Nice to see Rachel showing off those fantastic pins of hers.

The atmosphere sounds amazing!

Rosie said...

Always a pleasure :)

And yep, atmosphere was amazing!