Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Inge's Review

My review of Wicked, 26 June 2010
I had been stressing all day because my whole family kept saying we were going to see Mamma Mia to tease me but then we had to find the right underground from the hotel to the musical so I asked my dad in which theatre it was. So when he said Apollo Victoria theatre I yelled for the whole hotel and people started laughing, which was quite embarrassing but I didn’t care.

When we got to the theatre my heart was almost bumping out of my chest because I was getting so nervous and I also didn’t know who was going to play.
So when I saw that Rachel ànd Louise ànd Lee were going to play, for a moment I was the happiest kiddo in the world. I bought a program book (or how it is called) and we got to our seats row A in the stalls (balcony I think).
Of course we were way to early so I had to keep my nerves down for another half hour. I was getting really mad at the people who were coming in like for the last 5 minutes and there were even people who came in while the show was already actually playing.

Anyway, at last it started and my head was completely in the play from the moment it began.
Louise was amazing of course and I’ve always loved the Glinda-dress but it was quite a good feeling to see it in real life for once instead of on YouTube. But then came the moment I had been waiting for, Rachel’s entrance. I already adored her, but now I even found out she’s hilarious. Her rendition of The Wizard And I was perfect and I couldn’t believe that someone was capable of doing those notes so brilliant. The whole audience was laughing during What Is This Feeling? and I felt a huge relief when I also saw my parents and brother enjoying themselves. All the other songs were perfect too and the actors were piece by piece amazing. And then… an insanely brilliant performance of Defying Gravity. I mean, where do those notes come from? My family was very enthusiastic during the intermission and then the second part came. Also perfect and no single note was out of tune. How I loved No Good Deed!

Rachel made me laugh, cry, smile and proud. I don’t know why, but I think it’s because I’ve been supporting her since IDA, just like we all do.
The only drawback was that the bows were like extremely short. I immediately jumped out of my seat, but the time was too short to get the other people up too.
Anyway, I came out with a HUGE smile on my face but unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to go to stagedoor because my dad didn’t want to wait and we were also exhausted because of the time difference.

Honestly, Rachel was born for the role of Elphaba and I truly hope she’s going to play it for a very long time, that a lot of people can see her shine on that stage.

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