Saturday, 26 June 2010

Wicked Girls Race For Life

Team Tucker member Naomi kindly pointed out that the Wicked Girls are taking part in the 'Race For Life' tomorrow (Sunday 27th June), helping to raise money for cancer research.

I'm not totally sure Rachel is running - maybe David can confirm - because the Wicked girls members are listed by first name only but there is a Rachel in the team.

If you can spare any money for this very worthy cause I know all the girls at Wicked would really appreciate it. Lets help them reach their £2000 target.



Rosie said...

AND ME!!! Saw the Wicked girls turn up to do their race at 2pm (mine was at 11am) but I'm pretty sure Rachel wasn't amongst them... (well, she told me she wasn't doing it and I didn't see her... but maybe there was a last minute change of plan?!)... Either way well done to the girls, it was a SCORCHER today!!!

Andy said...

Well done Rosie, I didn't realise you were taking part.

Fantastic achievement just to stand up in that heat, let alone race. Everyone who took part should feel very proud of themselves today.

Rosie said...

Thanks! I don't think I've ever been so hot in my whole life but it was definitely worth it - an amazing atmosphere and for such a good cause as well :)