Monday, 28 June 2010

Pride London

As previously mentioned Rachel will be performing at Pride London next Saturday, 3rd July. As at West End Live the chosen song is 'The Wizard and I' and she is due on stage at approximately 3:30pm. The event takes place in Trafalgar Square and is, of course, completely free!

We should also mention that due to this commitment Rachel will obviously not be able to perform at the Wicked matinee that day. She will however be back in her witches hat for the evening show.

Why not make a day of it, Pride in the afternoon and Wicked in the evening. Sounds perfect to me.

Unfortunately neither David or I are able to attend, so if you are lucky enough to be there please send us your reviews, pictures or videos and we'll add them to the blog.


Victoria Maginnis said...

I'll be going (finally not stuck in Belfast and missing everything) so will probably audio it -- but as with most things, it'll be all over Youtube :)

Ruth said...

I'm gutted I can't go, I have to be in work seeing as I missed it last week to see Wicked :D Esp, as she is now singing Defying Gravity!! :D