Thursday, 15 April 2010

Indie London Review

There has been no shortage of positive reviews for Rachel and here's one I particularly like, as it mentions the infamous Barry 'senile' Humphries IDA comment. Don't get me started on that one -- suffice to say he looks pretty silly now.

This review is from the IndieLondon site and is by Katherine Redmond.

'Rachel Tucker is nothing short of brilliant as Elphaba. As an ex-reality TV show contestant from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s I’d Do Anything she arguably had the most to prove to the audience and she certainly succeeded in doing so.

While her talent is obvious she also has a commanding stage presence and radiates star quality.

I could not help but be reminded of the error in judge Barry Humphries’s comment that Tucker would “be better as an understudy” as she soared above the stage and brought the house down with one of the most powerful versions of Defying Gravity I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness.

Her performance is not only powerfully sung but beautifully acted. She captures the blend of Elphaba’s prickliness and vulnerability, which is hard to achieve, perfectly.

If there was any doubt whether she could have played Nancy, it is completely diminished now, yet you cannot help but feel that leading the cast of the West End’s biggest musical is where she truly belongs after all.'

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Andy said...

That understudy comment made Humphries look foolish enough at the time but considering what's happened since you do have to question the mans sanity.

This is a fantastic review of the show and as usual Rachel has been singled out for special praise. I think my smile got wider with every line I read.