Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Few Fan Photos

Here are a few fan photos recently posted on the Facebook group.

From the top, Rachel is pictured with Sophie, Hannah, Rachel and Diana.

Remember we're always glad to feature your photos of or with Rachel, so feel free to post them on the Facebook group or email myself or Andy.

Rachel is an absolute natural at the stage door. I particularly liked the comments from fan Diana accompanying this photo on the Facebook Group:

She's so lovely and perfect!! Singing tips, 'Whats Skins?', 'Oh no! Don't say that! Kerry Ellis is my idol!', 'Aww! I love you! Stop it!', 'Oo what's your name? So lovely to meet you!' (No one famous has ever asked ME what my name was lol! She is just LOVE!) Ahh!! ♥

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