Tuesday, 23 March 2010

VIDEO - Wicked's New Elphaba on BBC Breakfast


meluvharibo said...

Thank you so much for posting this Andy. Shame there wasn't more of a glimpse of Rachel in action, still I suppose it's all part of the surprise for us all on Monday.
I know this maybe a stupid question but do you think the new theatre programmes will contain the new cast? I would assume so, but just wondering if you knew.

Andy said...

I'm not sure whether the programmes will be updated with the new cast on Monday or not to be honest.

I will do a bit of digging and see what I can find out.

David said...

Thanks a million for recording and posting this Andy -- indispensable as always! Great to have this interview available for repeat viewings rather than a week on the Iplayer.
Re the updated programmes -- I do seem to remember that the Dominion cast pictures hadn't been updated at Rachel's debut, but hopefully the Apollo will have sorted the programmes in advance.

Victoria Maginnis said...

Watched this, this morning and managed to miss both my lift and my bus, and was late for school. :/ Really looking forward to 29th, but both leads will have a LOT to live up to following behind Dianne and Alexia (and Kerry Ellis before Alexia). They'll be fab :D

bloom2507 said...

Well, let's not forget Idina Menzel, that, to me, remains the one to live up to. For me, so far, nobody has succeeded, but obviously I have 100% trust that Rachel will :)

Re: the programme, I am an avid theatre-goers (and lover!), I will be absolutely miffed if I find out that, on Monday, the new programmes are not there. In ALL my past experiences, the programmes where changed promptly. I don't expect anything less from the Award Winning production Wicked. I do want the new programme... :)

Andy said...

Everyone I've asked expects the programmes to be updated with the new cast on Monday.

Lets hope they're right.

meluvharibo said...

Ditto, thanks for checking Andy. I just extended my stay in London for an extra night so I may even treat myself to the £25 day tickets they do on the day for the Wednesday.
Does anyone know if Rachel would be likely to exit the stage door after Wednesday's matinee? I would love her autograph and I fear after Monday's show it maybe crazy out there.
Thanks in advance.
Roll on Monday!!!

David said...

Can't say for certain re Weds but I do know that fans were able to meet Rachel at the Dominion stage door after matinees, so hopefully you'll be in luck.

meluvharibo said...

I'll see what it's like on Monday, if not I'll try the Wednesday. At least Rachel clearly points out in this video how long it takes to get out of make up, so I have a rough idea how long she will be.
I do hope I get to see her, I believe many of you have been lucky to so far.